Monday, November 26, 2007

Playing Blog Catch-Up

Seems like there is lots to blog about today...

WH and I hung our Christmas lights yesterday. The scene must have been absolutely hilarious to anyone watching from across the street. I would first like to announce with great pride that WH and I didn't exchange one cross word with each other the entire afternoon, which was especially impressive at the moment when I, being helpful, pulled on the end of the extension cord... which resulted in all the lights falling off the roof and into the front yard. WH had just come down from the ladder, where he was risking life and limb to get the lights strung across the highest eave. "That sucks," he said. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, a state in which he immediately joined me. Anyway, we did manage to get them hung, eventually, two strings of blue lights across the front of our house... very pretty. WH installed a new porch light as soon as we were done, and put in a blue light bulb. The whole effect is beautiful... very "Winter Wonderland." Lights are up just in time, with 10 cm of snow coming down last night. Our goal is to do something a tiny bit more extensive every year with the lights... last year we just did a window, this year the eaves... next year, one of those giant inflatable snow globes!

At church last night, we celebrated St. Arnold, Patron Saint of Brewers, with our annual beer-tasting festival. We've been holding this event for about 5 years and it's always great fun. My job is to do all the research and make a presentation on the beer that we're serving. Last night was beer from England and Scotland, and despite competing with the Grey Cup (Canada's Super Bowl), we had a good turnout. Beer = Good.

Some other Miscellaneousness from last week:
-WH's Convocation day was wonderful - beautiful ceremony, good and meaningful speeches, and a nice lunch with parents and supervisor before hand.
-Symphonic choir had their Fall concert that evening, which made for a VERY long day, but the concert went really really well. Always tough to get a choir up and motivated for a mid-week concert, but we seemed to be successful this time!
-We had a restful weekend. It was necessary, and lovely.


Crimson Rambler said...

Hanging Christmas lights should join hanging wallpaper, eating out of the same dish, changing a tire in the rain, etc. on the list of Marriage Readiness Tests! Well done you two!

Wyldth1ng said...

Were they colorful?

I am Chorus said...

Pretty much entirely blue. We have one string of colourful lights for outdoors too, which we think we might use to line the fence.

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