Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As tagged by Crimson Rambler, here are my mugs!

1) At work, I have a mug that says UTAH on the side of it and has a three-dimensional prospector hugging the side of the cup. It's hideous, but a real conversation piece!

2) Also at work, I have a plain blue mug that says MUGS on the side of it. The MUGS mug was a promotional item for a first year experience program run at Colourful U.

3) At home, we have a set of four dark brown mugs with different simple patterns on them; all a very beautiful gift from an Italian friend of my brother.

4)One of my favourite mugs at home is a china mug covered in all of Da Vinci's sketches of cats, a gift from the Maternal Unit.

5)We have a variety of miscellaneous mugs - a couple with other cats on them, a couple with flower on them, a couple with flowers AND cats on them...

6)A wonderful pottery mug given to WH by Paternal Unit and his wife, with a very gumpy and sour face sculpted on to it.

7) And finally, two proper china teacups, both once belonging to my grandmother. One passed down via Maternal Unit, and the other, the very first gift my grandmother received as a teacher, a wedding gift to me from one of her friends.

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