Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Adventurous Evening

Yesterday evening promised to be one of THOSE evenings... Two different rehearsals for two different choirs for two different concerts this week at the same time plus a choir photo for one group, all of which necessitated getting out of the house in good time last night, fed, with four separate music folders (two for WH and two for me) and two choir outfits (one for WH and one for me) through the un-ploughed streets to the concert hall where, mercifully, both rehearsals were taking place.

We managed not too badly. But by the time we were finished rehearsing with the Symphonic Choir, changing into our Chamber Choir outfits, getting our picture taken with the Chamber Choir, changing back into comfy clothes and doing another 2 hours of rehearsal with Chamber Choir... I was exhausted.

So you can understand that it was a bit of a bummer when we got in the car, at the end of it all, and WH turned the key in the ignition, and the car made a sputtering noise... and would not start. It was 10:00pm, we'd been in rehearsal for four hours, and it was -25C outside.

These are testing moments. I think we handled it remarkably well.

We phoned the local Vehicle Emergency Response crew, for which I have a membership and therefore receive free service, gave the dispatcher all the information, and she quoted us FOUR HOURS as the response time (see above re: time of night and temperature). She was, however, kind enough to put a "Risk of personal injury" note on the call, as we really didn't have a warm place in which to wait. The Battery Truck arrived five minutes later. Sadly, even he couldn't get old Healy to start (WH's car; named after Canadian composer Healy Willan... we're geeks). So he called the tow truck to take the car to WH's mechanic, and we took everything of value out of the vehicle, called a cab, and went home.

Mercifully this morning, the car had arrived safely at the Garage. They'll look at it this morning and let us know what the problem is. We hope it's not expensive, or we might be giving each other a new fuel injector for Christmas. Happy Holidays, baby!


Crimson Rambler said...

OH BRRRRRRRRR...I'm so glad they came quickly. Isn't that membership a good thing. Aren't there plug-ins at the concert hall? [fill in fuss-pot questions of your own choosing...]

From The Podium said...

More importantly, How many animals begin with the letter q? or x?

Wyldth1ng said...


Crimson Rambler said...

well other than the 'quagga' and the 'xebec' -- if the latter IS an animal, and not a boat, I'm a bit foggy about that...