Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well, it's 11:00am on Christmas Eve, and WH and I are still in our pajamas. We've had breakfast in bed, watched one entire disc from season 2 of The Office, cleaned the kitchen, pushed the laundry, and now we're sittin'. So far, a great day. Mama Cat and Baby Cat have done a lot of sleeping. The idea is to have as restful a day as possible in preparation for a long night tonight at the church!

Last night was Christmas dinner with my family, shared between our house and my brother's, which is just across the alley. We cooked the turkey and had appetizers here, and then marched the turkey across to their house for dinner. It was a delightful evening all around! We'll have just my mom and eldest brother for a quiet roast beef dinner on Christmas Day.

I wish you all peace and happiness this Christmas season.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Diane said...

Merry Christmas, I Am!
And wonderful music to you, too!