Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mid-Week Grumps

Today is the office Christmas party. Which will be lovely, I'm sure. There will be nice food, and I think there will be wine (yum), and it will be a nice opportunity to sit socially with co-workers that I don't often chat with.

The part of the lunch to which I am not looking forward is caroling. Chorus volunteered herself to lead the singing of Christmas carols. This volunteerism is the culmination (or continuation?) of a long and moronic discussion amongst staff of the office about what "entertainment" we should have at the Christmas lunch. You see, a couple of years ago, we hired one of the university choirs to sing at the Christmas lunch. I wasn't working here at the time, but apparently the choir was lovely. About 80% of the people really liked them. But the other 20% were indignant that nobody had recognized that not everybody LIKES choirs, didn't we know, and we should do something more... "fun" for entertainment. So last year, we didn't book the choir, and I, along with a few co-workers led some carol singing. And then the folks who had liked the choir took the liberty of approaching me after the lunch last year and saying things like, "No offense, but last year we had a choir, and they were REALLY GOOD," and "Did you know that we hired a choir last year? Maybe we should do that again next year."

And yet somehow, here I am again, with carol books and word sheets all copied to lead carols over lunch. But I swear to the Most High, that the first person who reminds me that "One time, we had a choir and they were awesome," is going to get my thumb, right in the eye.

How's that for Christmas spirit?


Crimson Rambler said...

I'll bet your mother really loves you, and would not trade you for a wilderness of monkeys -- ;-)

From The Podium said...

Just be thankful that the Karaoke component was dropped. Then again, I hear your husband wouldn't let you do the Karaoke option, and would have written you a Doctor's note saying it would have been harmful to your choral health. Now it's just harmful to anyone that might be within "arms reach" of you requesting that they bring the choir back.

I'll listen to you sing Christmas Carols any day over a choir.

"It's the most ... Wonderful time ... of the year!"

Auntie Knickers said...

So...people who don't like to listen to choirs, but want to be in them? I'm confused! However, they should be grateful to you and not complain, but that's offices for you.

I am Chorus said...

To be honest, I'm not sure that many of them know WHAT they want from one moment to the next...

But it went better than expected, so I shouldn't complain, I guess!