Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Preparation

Major concert commitments for December 2007. DONE.

Anything having to do with Christmas. STILL TO DO.


Off tonight to start the Christmas shopping experience after a long conversation with WH on the weekend about how, exactly, we wanted to get our preparations done. I think it's all workable, but my enthusiasm for the shopping part of it is minimal. Never mind, we have a plan, we have a list, we'll figure it out.

What I am enthusiastic about, and getting more so, is the baking. This is really the first year that I've had the kitchen facilities and my wits together enough to make some significant holiday baking happen. So it's gonna happen! As a shower gift, I received the Company's Coming exhaustive recipe book for COOKIES, and I've been inspired by all the possibilities. I've also, for the moment, certain that my cookies will look like the ones in the pictures of the book. This is a delusion that I'm enjoying, so NOBODY SPOIL IT!

I've also begun to make some plans for the post-concert New Years party that we're hosting for choir members. The trick with this party is that the choristers will be hungry, and will want to eat something of substance, so chips'n'dip ain't gonna cut it, at least not on their own. At the same shower mentioned above, I also got the Company's Coming COMPLETE Entertaining Book, so WH are working our way through that to pick good (and simple) and tasty things to prepare. As WH will be in rehearsal for much of the week before, and I will be at home, I'm feeling quite confident that we can put on a nice, elegant bash with lots of good food.

Now that I've logged all these plans on my blog, I feel like I've committed to them. We'll see how we do!

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Crimson Rambler said...

if I can help you after the 25th with shopping, prep, or storage -- you just say, OK?