Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few of my favourite things...

Taking on this list, courtesy of encouragement from Crazy Cat Woman. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. This means you, Crimson Rambler. So here they are:
  • The best husband a woman could ask for
  • The way Mama Cat and Baby Cat always need to be in the same room as one of us.
  • My nephew and three nieces
  • The combination of an evening at home, dinner we cook ourselves, and a nice bottle of red wine
  • The bottom of the ninth inning, runners on base, in a tie ballgame
  • Old game shows, like the Match Game and Password Plus
  • Recipe Books
  • Our new kitchen, especially our new dishwasher
  • Lists
  • Paganini violin concertos
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • The duet from Pearl Fishers
  • Driving my little red car
  • Polyphonic courtesy
  • A late night glass of Bailey's after a long busy day
  • Sleeping in
  • Walks through our lovely old neighbourhood
  • Any food that begins the phrase "... and dip": chips, veggies, crackers, etc.
  • Handel (and Bach)
  • Sushi
  • Memories of the last year; a new house, a wedding, a new husband, building a happy, happy life.


Diane said...

great list! and btw, I am the wife of a classical musician as well (although he branches out).

ccw said...

Thank you commenting on my blog; it is always nice to hear from new readers.

I love your list! I don't know why I left off my new appliances. Having an oven that isn't 30 years old is definitely one of my favorite things.

cheesehead said...

Great list! I played.

Cathy said...

Liking your blog. Are you going to join Revgalblogpals?

I have classical music training - right now teaching in public schools. ON a sabbatical with a woman chamber choir right now.

Found you from Cheesehead's blog.