Monday, January 28, 2008

Another post (at least partly) about the weather

That's the temperature this morning, with wind chill, in case you were wondering.
And do we shut down schools, stay home under warm blankets, keep off the roads?? Absolutely not. I'm at work, there are no closed schools in the city (though school buses may not run), and the roads are packed with the usual Morning rush-hour, moving at a much slower pace, but moving nonetheless. Such is life on the Prairies. We'll rely on WH's car this week, as it is better equipped with broad winter tires than Flora. The weather is expected to clear by the end of the day, so though it will stay cold, the snow will have stopped and the wind will (hopefully) have died down. Now, that's enough about the weather...

I went to two lovely concerts this weekend. This symphony on Saturday night, where we heard some really neat programming, featuring primarily Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique. I do love big orchestral works, with lots of stuff for cymbals and big drums and brass. The story behind the piece is a bit odd ~ you can read about it here ~ but the music is divine.

On Sunday afternoon, WH sang with the city's professional choir in a concert featuring works connected by the theme of Night, and its bookends of evening and morning. In one piece by Hungarian composer Ligeti, WH sang the Rooster solo - three bars of Hungarian crowing, to be precise. He did an excellent job, and got paid a soloist fee for it! I was proud. My husband, the Hungarian Rooster. "Kikeriki!"
Well, despite the cold, the work seems to keep rolling in, so I should get back to it!
Be WARM, everybody!


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Sue said...

Ya. Minus 46 is just wrong. Wrong. On the other hand, we have no killer bees.

Chorus said...

Yes, you're absolutely right Sue. And I'm grateful for how few disgusting creepy-crawlies we have as a result of the bitter cold.