Friday, January 18, 2008

Week in Review

You know, it's been a darn good week!

A good week for friendships: A lovely dinner Wednesday night, reconnecting with a friend with whom I've had only very casual and rare contact in the last couple of years. And a phone call last night from a very dear friend who is on a four year adventure in Australia. A voice I've missed very much.

A good week for work: Some clarification of job responsibilities, strong feelings of confidence that I'm valued and valuable, and COMPETENT. And the moment when Boss described me as "senior" unit staff... Hurray!

A good week for rest and relaxation: Not a lot of rest and relaxation, mind you, but what we had was lovely. Last night was our "night at home" for the week, so we made a delicious salmon dinner, enjoyed one of our favourite bottles of wine, played cribbage, watched silly TV, teased the cats.

A good week.

I think it was Wednesday that I was flipping through the channels and came across the show Big Medicine, which focuses on the medical professionals who work with weight issues. They were featuring a woman who, though clearly overweight, was not excessively so, but had opted for surgery to help her handle her weight problems. I'm not sure if the surgery was gastric bypass or liposuction... I didn't stick around long enough to find out. But I was graced to catch the following quotation from her husband (no particular Adonis, I might add), when asked what he thought this surgery would mean for his wife: "I think that it will allow her to do more of the things she wants to do, like keep the house clean and organized, and it will allow her to be the kind of wife she wants to be for me."

Wha-? I beg your pardon?

Sir, I hope that what this surgery means for your wife is that she will feel beautiful, and confident, and accomplished, and meaningful, and relevant, and stylish, and independent. And I hope that it means she will be all those things enough to tell you where to stick your cleaning and organizing, and provide some pretty clear parameters around the kind of husband she needs you to be.


That felt good too... Enjoy the weekend everybody!


Songbird said...

Can you hear me crying from here? What a terrible story!

Chorus said...

Yes, Songbird, an awful story. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.

Episcopollyanna said...

Wow. I don't normally feel like slapping total strangers (or anyone, I should clarify), but *augh,* what a creep!

Enough of him, though, I'm glad you had a great week! And how great that you got to talk to your friend in Australia! Yay! Hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)

Chorus said...

Definitely should be some slapping doled out; I agree!

Thanks for the good wishes - you too!!

Jan said...

Good for you reacting to that stupid story in the way you did!

I'm envious of your salmon dinner. Yummm.

Have a good weekend!

ccw said...

Yeah for friends!

Someone needs to kick that husband repeatedly in his nether region. What an ass! I'm not overweight and the only thing that would help me achieve what he wants would be a cleaning service. I'm sure his wife is dying to be thin so she can clean. I hope she develops a case of high self-esteem and finds a new husband.

Chorus said...

That was my thought too, ccw... I don't think this woman is losing weight in order to vacuum.