Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Craftiness, or lack thereof...

I am not crafty. It's a sad truth with which I need to come to terms. I AM NOT CRAFTY. For many years, I have WANTED to be crafty, but to little effect. I have a small collection of scrapbooking tools and papers, none of which have resulted in the scrapbooking genius I hoped they would. I have two or three started projects that I will never finish, one a scrapbook of little bits and pieces of things collected from my childhood, and one a scrapbook of the trip my mom and eldest brother and I took to Italy in 2005. I need to reprint the pictures that I cut up for the latter, and put the whole lot in an album, and walk away. Perhaps a little box for all the neat ticket stubs and pamphlets from Italian museums.

I suppose the one exception to my lack of skills is cross-stitching. I'm a good cross-stitcher, and I enjoy it; I just wish I had more time to do it.

I should also admit that I did make our wedding invitations, with great success, but I think that had something to do with the Bride Gene that takes over a woman's body when she's planning her wedding. Maybe it's more realistic to think that I could make little things like cards and notes, than full scrapbooks.

I think my doomed crafting career can be traced back to kindergarten. My very first craft project ever was to construct a paper bear, made out of pre-cut pieces that needed to be glued onto a single piece of paper to make the bear. I didn't glue them. I just lay them carefully on the paper, sans glue, and hoped nobody would notice. When my kindergarten teacher picked up my bear, all the pieces fell off the paper on to the floor. She made me stay after class and glue it together. WHO GETS DETENTION IN KINDERGARTEN?! AND FOR FAILURE TO GLUE?!


Anyway, I have subscribed to the blog by the editor of Style at Home magazine, and her perky posts provide all kinds of crafting and decorating ideas. Check it out, if that's your kind of thing. And if it is your kind of thing, I would love to hear what kinds of crafts you do, how you get inspired, and how you find the time!


Crimson Rambler said...


I'm Still Me said...

I have been forced to look through scrap books made by people who are not as crafty as they would think. It was awful! They're not pretty!

Jan said...

I have never thought I was crafty, creative, or artistic. You sound pretty crafty if you could design your own wedding invitations!

BTW, I put the spaghetti sauce recipe on my blog--for you!

Wyldth1ng said...

Wacky. I barely remember kindergarten, wow.

stealthdachshund said...

You can come over to my house and help me make a carcass!

It'll hone your contact cement, expanding foam, spraypaint and anatomy skills!

And then we'll drink wine!

Chorus said...

It's one of only three memories of kindergarten that I have... the other two are being the last kid to memorize my phone number, and finally learning to tie my shoes, with the help of the best kindergarten assistant teacher EVER.