Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not the start we'd been hoping for...

...I seem to have the flu.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn't feel great, but that was not particularly surprising, given the New Years Eve excitement. About midday, I started to have flu-like symptoms (I'll spare you the details). I checked my temp, and it was up, and kept rising as the day went on, peaking at about 100.2 late in the day.

So I'm at home today, wrapped in blankets on the couch, with Mama Cat and Baby Cat providing excellent TLC. I slept almost a full 12 hours last night, and am pretty sure that I could do that again without much encouragement. At last check, the temperature is back close to normal, and a bowl of cereal has stayed down so far today. I am beginning to consider the possibilities of soup for lunch.

WH has been lovely, providing appropriate amounts of gentle soda, and crackers, and gentle words. He shall have stars in his crown.

Back to work tomorrow, I hope!

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Towanda said...

Feel better soon!!