Tuesday, January 8, 2008


There are days where I find that a whole list of little bloggable bits have crept in to my mind, none rising to the surface as sure-fire blog material for that day, but none receding into the territory of "Nah, I don't think I'll bother," either. So today, being one of those days, I present a Bloggable Alphabet, through which I hope some topics will felt DONE, and others will feel ready to tear into in more detail tomorrow.

A is for American Gladiators, and my guilty pleasure in its cheesiness.
B is for Britney, and how frightened I would be if I was so exposed and so totally bereft of coping skills.
C is for Cookies, and my ongoing project to take on every recipe in the Company's Coming Cookies Cookbook.
D is for Dogs, specifically my best friend's new chocolate lab puppy, who is learning to be a seeing-eye dog.
E is for Earrings, and my New Year's Resolution to put some on every day that I leave the house.
G is for Google Reader, and my new addiction to it.
H is for our House, and both the challenges and joy we are finding living in a house built in 1924.
I is for Imbeciles, and how there are so many of them, and how most of them drive the same route that I do to work in the morning.
J is for Juno, number 1 on my list of movies I want to see.
K is for my Knees, and how they will never forgive me for 14 years of ballet.
L is for Las Vegas, which WH and I are contemplating visiting in February.
M is for Music that I hope to sing someday, including Kodaly's Missa Brevis, and the Verdi Requiem.
N is for Nutrition, and my desire to pay more attention to the Canada Food Guide, and what I should be eating to be healthy.
O is for the Organ, and my life mission to learn to play one good hymn on the organ at our church, foot-pedals and all.
P is for Peace, increasingly the value that I feel strongest about.(More on this one another day, I'm sure).
Q is for Quinquennial, which is my word of the week.
R is for Roger Clemens, and how I am more and more convinced that he's not telling the truth. It's not the steroids that'll get ya, Rocket; it's the perjury.
S is for my friend S-, and her courage and grace in the face of a divorce she didn't choose.
T is for Thomas Tallis.
U is for the United States of America, and my new fascination with the American electoral process and the most interesting characters that want to be President.
V is for Voice Lessons, and my determination to put some real work into being a better singer this year.
W is for Wisdom, and how much I respect the wisdom of others, and how much I wish that I felt more wise.
X is for X-Rays, and my brother, whose doctor's recent look at a sore elbow revealed a long-ago broken arm.
Y is for ... Y is for.... Y is for.... oh well, 25 out of 26 ain't bad.
Z is for Zoos, and how I feel about animals in captivity, and why I feel more sorry for the tiger than I do for the people she bit.


Crimson Rambler said...

absolutely VOONDERBLE, all of them!

From The Podium said...

Y is for YIPPEE! For an excellent list!

I'm also all in favour of "C" by the way.

ccw said...

Love the list.

I did this a couple of years ago but the list had to be things about yourself using the alphabet.

I am Chorus said...

Oooh - I like that, CCW! I'll have to tuck that in to the cache of possible future blog entries!

Thanks for reading!

Jan said...

I love your list! You reminded me that I want to see "Juno," too!

Jan said...

This post reminded me of the ABC's of gratitude, which I posted about, linking here. Thanks.

Episcopollyanna said...

Wonderful! I came here from Jan's blog. :)

Towanda said...

Juno is great, and Roger Clemens -- the man doth protest too much.