Friday, January 11, 2008

My favourite day of the week


A busy Friday, mind you, but Friday nonetheless. Tonight and tomorrow are full up with a Winter retreat for Chamber Choir, approximately eight hours total rehearsing Bach and Handel. There are much MUCH worse ways to spend weekends!

Tomorrow night is a birthday party for my dear friend S- who is also marking having filed for divorce this week, from the husband who left her suddenly in September. Despite having left her, he has not filed, because by not filing, he can both have initiated the separation and appear the victim of it. There are words for this, but I'm trying to keep my blog relatively vulgarity-free. S- is beautiful and amazing in every way and we are celebrating her tomorrow evening!

And then Sunday is pretty quiet, with regular church duties in the morning and family dinner celebrating recent birthdays in the evening. Fondu - yum. I need to concoct a salad between now and then, and am thinking that I will engage the local Italian Centre for some buffala, with which I can make a tomato salad. Yum. I sure do like food.

Working through lunch, in order to try and get a handle on the to do list before the weekend. But one last bloggy bit for today; the words to our Church Choir anthem in a couple of weeks. I think these words are beautiful.

King Jesus hath a garden, full of divers flowers,
Where I go culling posies gay, all times and hours.

The Lily, white in blossom there, is Chastity:
The Violet, with sweet perfume, Humanity.

The bonny Damask-rose is known as Patience:
The blithe and thrifty Marygold, Obedience.

The Crown Imperial bloometh too in yonder place,
'Tis Charity, of stock divine, the flower of grace.

Yet, 'mid the brave, the bravest prize of all may claim
The Star of Bethlem-Jesus-bless'd be his Name!

Ah! Jesu Lord, my heal and weal, my bliss complete,
Make thou my heart thy garden-plot, fair, trim and neat.

There naught is heard but Paradise bird,
Harp, dulcimer, lute,
With cymbal, trump and tymbal,
And the tender, soothing flute.

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Crimson Rambler said...

I love that carol -- have only heard it, never SEEN the words before -- THANK YOU!