Thursday, January 3, 2008

Excuse me, have you seen my brain?


My brain fell out.

Have you seen it?

I'm back at work today, facing an absolutely astonishing to-do list, and struggling entirely to develop some kind of action plan to deal with it all. Solution: bloggity bloggity blog blog.

My biggest brain fart moment thus far has been forgetting that I was supposed to sit in for my boss's executive assistant this week to ensure that phones get answered, schedules get adhered to, etc. It wasn't until I was sitting in a meeting with my boss that I realized where I was supposed to be. He was very gracious, and allowed as how there hadn't been much activity and I could stay at my own desk until needed. I have, however, remembered to print some agendas and related items for him, and as soon as I find the file in which those items are supposed to be placed, I'll be laughing.

WH is at home today spending some time with Handel and Bach. Not literally (that would be smelly), but musically. WH is preparing for a big Chamber Choir concert coming up in February: Handel's Dixit Dominus and Bach's cantata Christ lag in Todesbanden. These are both fantastic pieces of music, and will be immensely challenging for the choir. But with great challenge comes great reward, and the process of putting these pieces together will be rewarding, both for WH and for the singers. I am just as excited to see WH conduct the pieces as I am to sing them. Huzzah for Bach and Handel!

Alright... no choice but to attack the list with full force now. Wish me luck!


Diane said...

good luck!!

Cathy said...

Hope you are feeling better -- I am assuming you are feeling better???

Sounds like challenging pieces - and lovely!

I am Chorus said...

I am feeling better; thanks for asking Cathy!