Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Five: Fall Equinox

This morning, we have an Autumn Friday Five from Songbird at the Revgals:

As this vivid season begins, tell us five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance

I've always liked the smell of autumn rain, just after it's fallen. There's a freshness to it that is invigorating. Of course, give it 24 hours and it smells like rotting leaves, but the initial fragrance is lovely!

2) A color

We don't get many leaves turning red where we are, but I love the combination of yellow and orange that pops up in our river valley about this time of year.

3) An item of clothing

I loves me a turtle-neck sweater.

4) An activity

I do love walking on crunchy leaves. This is such a wonderful time of year to take nice long walks - the air is fresh and the temperature is just right.

5) A special day

Both WH and I have autumn birthdays. On the same day!


Songbird said...

We just went shopping for a turtleneck sweater yesterday for my daughter, and she wore it to school today, to protect her against a walking field trip on a cool day. She was happy!

Julie said...

You and WH have the same birthday? That's too sweet! :)

Jan said...

I love falling autumn leaves, but it doesn't happen here (in south TX). The smell after rain is wonderful!

Identity Mixed said...

Your birthday is the same day? Same year?!

Chorus said...

Not the same year, IM. WH is eight years older than I am.