Saturday, September 20, 2008

WordTwist Adventures, Part II

(You'll recall that Part I involved the infamous Bumbag.)

So the other day I was playing Word Twist and I got the following set of letters:


So, lots of good words in there, and I'm typing away and typing away and I enter the word P-E-N-1-S.

And the following message pops up: "The word PEN1S is not in the dictionary."

So I spent the next half an hour trying to figure out why, on earth, the word pen1s would be considered too risque for Word Twist.

How was YOUR weekend?


Julie said...

Haaahaaahaa...gasp...haaahaaahaaa! :)

Crimson Rambler said...

pepsin? perhaps?

Chorus said...

CR, I don't even remember what the 6-letter word was, because I was so puzzled by the fact that the game wouldn't accept this other, entirely legitimate word.

ccw said...

I guess that word has been relegated to being p*rn. However ridiculous that may be. I wonder if pee pee and hoo-ha are acceptable words?