Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Being the Choir Wyf, Part 3

WH and I and Fantastic Accompanist were walking up to rehearsal last night when the following conversation took place with a chorister we'll call Edith.

Edith: Hellooooooo Fantastic Accompanist!
FA: Hello!
Edith: Hellooooooo WH!
WH: Hello!
Edith: Helloooooooooo... .... ... WH's wife!
FA: She has a name, you know....
Edith: Well, we'll just call her Mrs. WH.
Chorus: Awesome.

I find these interactions entirely hilarious, and in no way do I take them personally. There are considerably worse things in the world than being known as Mrs. WH. They could be calling me nasty names behind my back, for example, which I'm pretty sure has happened to the wives of conductors before.

It is my goal in all interactions with the choirs for which my husband works to be genial and smiley and good-humoured and gentle and positive. I do pretty well about 90% of the time. I work really hard at "gracious but firm." And when we are at events where WH is meeting other musicians, I want to be the best lookin', loveliest, most well-behaved adornment for his arm that I can be.

We have a good time together, him and I.

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