Saturday, April 26, 2008

In which Chorus has a quiet day

It's a nice day today... The sun is shining, and the snow is melting, and none of it is running into our basement (touch wood) and that makes it a good day.

I rose up this morning and putzed around getting the upstairs of the house cleaned and the laundry pushed along and the garbage put out etc. One of the advantages of having a small house is that cleaning doesn't take very long. I'm waiting for the piano tuner to arrive, and once he's finished his good work, I plan to work on some of the music for Chamber Choir and then take a walk and then maybe settle down with a movie this evening.

Mama Cat and Baby Cat have been immensely helpful this morning, but have tuckered themselves right out and are now sawing logs in a big way on the couch. This will help them regain their energy in order to help the piano tuner when he arrives. Case in point:

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Jan said...

Great picture! Hope your day continued to be a nice and restful one.