Thursday, April 17, 2008

In which Chor-ZZzzzzzzzzz

I'm so tired this morning.

Last night, I worked a casino for Chamber Choir. (In Prairie Province, a portion of the revenue generated by casinos goes towards non-profit organizations, who come in and volunteer at the casino for two days once every couple of years.) I was working as the Banker, which means that I was responsible for ensuring that money and chips all reconciled at the end of the night. It's really a very low-stress position, because the casino advisor stands over you and tells you exactly what to do at every moment, so you're never without supervision.

The shift went well, though the casino was very quiet (Wednesday, apparently, is not a big gambling night). It was, however, 2:30am before I got home, and once home, it was 3:00am before I got the cats fed, and got myself washed and brushed and pj-ed and into bed. And then it was 6:15am when the alarm went off, and the cat-related bothering started. Cat-related bothering involves Baby Cat standing right next to my face, purring like a motor-boat, and picking at my pajamas with her front claws.

So it will be a long day.

That being said, tonight is World's Greatest Nephew's Grade Five musical, and I am going to go and grin at him in a Proud Auntie kind of way. That should end the day on a very cheerful note. I believe he is playing the very important role of third extra from the left. THAT'S MY BOY!


I'm Still Me said...

Those casino shifts are the worst! I feel for ya.

Crimson Rambler said...

I recall a little girl who played a dragonfly in her dance recital "and I get to LAND on a ROCK"...

Jan said...

I wouldn't like that shift. Glad it's over!