Monday, April 7, 2008

In which we walk!

WH and I are trying to do more walking both because it's good exercise and in preparation for our trek through Sonoma valley this summer. So last night after dinner, we decided to take a quick trot through the neighbourhood before turning in.

We live in one of Prairie City's older neighbourhoods (our house was built in 1923), so there are lots of beautiful homes to look at while we walk. We always find that our discussion turns to these houses, what we like about them, how big they seem to be, whether they have good yard space, whether they "need work," etc. These are very happy discussions, and we are almost always of one mind on what we'd be looking for if we were looking for a new house, and what we could live without. Our neighbourhood also has the requisite ugly houses that have been built through the decades, and we talk about those too. Why they're ugly, what we would do to fix them, what decade's taste they reveal...

We anticipate that within the next couple of years we will either need to move to a bigger house, or consider a major renovation to the home we live in now. In many ways, we are thinking that the renovation will be the way to go. Our house is only about 740 square feet above ground, but our lot is 7000 square feet, so we could quite conceivably make a major addition to the home and still maintain a sizable yard. If we did that, we would be looking to add at least one if not two more bedrooms, and at least one more bathroom. I have to admit that despite the disruption this renovation would create in our lives, I like the thought of staying where we are, in our little house with all its original architecture and original charm. At least, I like that thought until I see a bigger house that I like the look of, and then I like the thought of moving.

I'm fickle like that.

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I'm Still Me said...

I've been in a few houses recently that are a combination of old and new. They have a different feel than houses that are all original, but I love to hear the stories of what was added and what was original.