Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Miscellaneous

  • I would like to announce that, as of about 8pm last night, WH and I officially no longer have any boxes full of crap left to be unpacked in the office. (Note: we moved in a year and a half ago.)
  • I would also like to announce that, as of about 10pm last night, all of our sheet music has been filed, with the exception of a small pile of music that needs to be re-stapled.
  • The picture sorting project is done.
  • There are about 6 piles of sorted crap on the floor of the basement (the result of the box-emptying) that will need to be put away, but I should be able to do most of that tonight before rehearsal.
  • Prairie City is in the middle of a winter storm warning. It has been snowing since Saturday, and the wind is fierce, and the roads are horrid, and it is awful, awful, awful. I am working on my new mantra, which is, "70 days to California... 70 days to California... 70 days to California..."
  • It is sunny and warm where WH is this week. We spoke on the phone yesterday and he remarked that the hotel in which he is staying had not yet turned on the air conditioner, so his room was hot. I tried really really REALLY hard to feel sympathy... I truly did.
  • The heat has been turned off in my office because it was warm a week ago. I'm freezing.
  • We are three weeks away from our next Chamber Choir Concert and I'm excited! The theme of this concert is Poetry in Music, and the music is lovely and moving and fun. Despite the weather, looking forward to rehearsal tonight!

Have a great day all, and I hope that it is warm where you are,,, but maybe don't tell me about it if it is!

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Jan said...

WOW! I am impressed with all your cleaning and sorting.