Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In which Chorus Memes

Is Meme a verb?? Oh well; it is now.

I've seen a few of these kinds of memes around and about in the last little while, so I thought I'd jump in and take part, tagging myself gracefully in the process. Check out I'm Still Me for a variation of this first one, but I got this version from Episcopollyana.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

In 1998, I finished up my gap year during which I worked full time in a coffee shop, and then started my first year of studies in English and Drama at Colourful University in the fall.

Five snacks I enjoy:

1. Bananas
2. Veggies and Dip
3. Chips and Dip
4. Popcorn
5. Cheese and Crackers

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Renovate the house.
2. Prepare for retirement.
3. Donate to Musical charities.
4. Pay some dues.
5. Travel, travel, travel.

Five jobs I've had:

1. Barista
2. Church Secretary
3. University Service Director
4. Financial Aid Advisor
5. Special Projects Manager

Three of my bad habits:

1. I eat too much candy.
2. I don't wash off my makeup at the end of the day.
3. I have a potty mouth.

Five places I've lived:

Prairie City has been my only home base, though I've lived in three different places inside the city.

And now, here are seven random facts about me!

1. My favourite artist is Michelangelo.
2. I have the same birthday as my husband.
3. I don't like bread.
4. I have one nephew and three nieces, whom I love to pieces.
5. I cry when I'm angry.
6. My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall.
7. I really like boats, but I really dislike swimming.

Tag yourself, if you like!


I'm Still Me said...

I have yet to hear enough potty talk to consider you a potty mouth! I'm intrigued.

Crimson Rambler said...

"Well, I don't know where you learned THAT...." ;-)
Great meme play, there, Chorus!

Jan said...

Great meme. It was fun to read. That's cute that you and your husband have the same birthday. I also cry when I get angry, which isn't too often.

Diane said...

yeah, great meme. that's cool, having the same birthday as your husband. our youth director and his wife have the same birthday, too. what are the odds?

ccw said...

I don't wash off my makeup at night; although I always tell myself that I should.

I cry only when I get really, really angry. So if the tears are flowing it is best to leave the room.

I love that you would keep your house.