Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's Up and Who's Down

This may turn out to be a regular feature here in my little bloggy kingdom, and may take on a variety of subject matter, but for right now, here's my look at who's up and who's down this week in Sports.

Who's Up! :)

1. College Basketball: I hear that March Madness is over now for both men's and women's basketball, and that the games were very exciting, and the tournament is viewed as having been an exciting success.

I don't watch, follow, or care about college basketball, partly because I find basketball hard to sit through, but also because fundamentally, I think that March Madness places stress and attention on very young athletes, and it's pressure that they are often ill-equipped to handle. See the interesting story of Joakim Noah's first year in the NBA.

But I think I would be remiss in not recognizing what appears to have been a great tournament, on behalf of bloggy friends for whom I know that college basketball is a passion.

And by the way, I did fill out a bracket, but I did so by flipping a coin. My bracket said Duke would win. I gather that they didn't.

2. Lorena Ochoa: I believe that we are seeing only the very beginning of what should be the greatest career in the history of women's golf. Another major win for her last weekend.

3. Trevor Linden: All signs point to his retirement after a great 19-year career in the NHL. The fans in Vancouver, where he has arguably been the most popular hockey player in their history, gave him the kind of send-off a classy player like this deserves.

Who's Down! :(

1. The Detroit Tigers:
Bajillions of dollars spent in the offseason.
Two superstar players signed.
Oodles of optimism during the pre-season.
First week's record = no wins, 7 losses.

And yes, there are 162 games in the season, so in the grand scheme of things, 7 games shouldn't matter. But one of the interesting things about baseball is that 7 games do matter, very much so. I remember a couple of years ago that the Jays started the season with considerable optimism and were swept in their first series. Never recovered. Les Tigres are in trouble.

2. Jose Canseco: Idiot.

3. The American Women's 4x100 m relay team from the Sydney Olympic Games: All set to have their medals revoked because of Marion Jones' cheating. A difficult pill to swallow, I imagine, for those on the team who trained hard and ran clean.


Chunklets said...

The last couple of Tiger losses have been bad ones, too. They basically rolled over and died against Boston. Who would have thought that they'd be 4 games behind the Royals a week and a half into the season?

Towanda said...

I picked the Tigers to win it all in the family pool. They're worrying me...

I'm Still Me said...

Holy Crap! Has Trevor Linden been playing for 19 years already?! I remember when he was just starting out.

Crimson Rambler said...

Ha! so much for the Koboldian seers and their scrying cauldrons.

Me, be careful, you're not old enough yet to say, "I remember when." The Rambler is reminded of her dear Mom, when asked her favorite hockey player, saying unhelpful things like "Turk Broda" and "Charlie Conacher"....;-)

Chunklets said...

Yes, the seers' predicted WS teams are a combined 4-11 at this point. The seers are considering ditching the cauldrons and going with entrails next time.

BTW, might I suggest, for the "Up" category, the Candian women's soccer team, which qualified for the Olympics for the first time yesterday?

Oh, and speaking of Turk Broda...

Chorus said...

Chorus is very happy to accept recommendations for up-ness and down-ness, and wholeheartedly agrees with your nomination of the Canadian women's soccer team.

They will be featured prominently in a future post!!