Monday, April 14, 2008

In which Chorus kicks her blog

I am suffering from grumpiness, related to a kind of blogging block. It's not that I don't have anything to write about; there are dozens of potential posts dancing around in my brain at any given time. But when I've tried to write some of those posts, the words don't come in the way that I want them to.

BAD BLOG. (Kicks blog several times in the knee-cap.)

There now. Having failed at my attempt to write the post I wanted to, I instead present a list of things I'm hoping to get accomplished before WH gets home on the 27th
  1. Get our hockey pool money all paid out. (Progress report: email sent this morning to our winners; making arrangements for delivery of payments, hopefully sooner rather than later.)
  2. Arrange for piano delivery. (Progress report: DONE. The piano will be delivered on Friday.*)
  3. Spring cleaning. (Progress report: Thought about it a lot; haven't actually started yet. What I have thought about is my desire to spend significant time in every single room of the house at some point in the next two weeks, to the effect that when WH gets home, the house won't just look clean, but IMPROVED.)
  4. Deliver our donations to the church rummage sale. (Progress Report: I've set aside the clothes that we'll be donating, but I still need to have a look through our downstairs storage shelves to see what else might go. Have I mentioned on this blog before that I am clutter's worst nightmare?)
  5. Bake a pie. (Progress Report: Just thought of this one in the last few minutes because I saw a picture of a pie. And I've never baked one before. This may wait until late next week so that WH can help me eat the pie.)
  6. Put away dreaded pile of unsorted music at the church. (Progress report: I look at that pile with pure distaste every time I'm at the church. Hopefully one of these days, that distaste will turn to action.)
  7. Surprise for WH. I can't provide too much detail about this one, suffice to say that I've consulted with my expert, and I think I have an action plan. Tee hee hee...
* Friends of ours have asked us to babysit their piano while they rebuild their garage, in which the piano was being stored while its refurbishment was pending. It's a beautiful old piano, with great carvings - just very badly needs to be tuned!)


Uncle Bob said...

Any time you have to cut butter into flour(for pastry or biscuits) use FROZEN butter, and a grater.

This involves LESS EFFORT (the two words that would bring me out of a coma)

WH said...

Surprise? Did someone say ... Surprise? Experts? There are experts involved? I'm all confused.

Crimson Rambler said...

Actually... for even LESS effort...cold butter, or shortening, or what have you, cut in medium chunks, in the electric mixer on just-above-stalling speed...